Welsh Corgi as Pet – Dog & Puppy Price Range, Temperament & Breed Details

How about a Sherlock Holmes as a pet to your home? Pembroke Welsh Corgis, as a breed, are brilliant and sharp dogs with high energy to match. The initial breeding of these was to handle the cattle. 

Even a Welsh legend states that Corgis used to pull coaches, work cattle, and more for the fairies and elves of Wales. As and how you read the article, you will analyze the reasons for these attributes and associations.

How much do corgis cost in the US?

Welsh Corgis in the USA are on a higher-end on the price scale. They range anywhere between $600 to $4000. The standard puppy price is $1000 to $2000. A registered one will cost you between $,2000 to $3000. The price of premium show quality ones is around $4000

Welsh Corgi

Factors affecting the cost 

Factors affect the cost of dogs of every breed. These factors are more or less the same for every dog. However, they impact significantly on the price of a puppy. 

Type of Corgi

Corgis come in two kinds, although Pembroke Welsh and Cardigan are two distinctive breeds. The cost of each type of these Corgis varies from each other.

The rarity of its colors

Black & Tan, Red, Fawn, and Sable are the most popular colors of Corgi. The combination of these colors changes over the coat of the dog. The rarer the color or shade gets, expensive the dog becomes.

Gender and Age of the dogs

It applies to every dog, irrespective of its breed. Male dogs of Corgis are priced higher than female dogs. Similarly, a puppy is costlier than mature or senior dogs. Puppies are a lot easier to curate according to the family and surroundings. Seniors dogs or adult ones come with their current training and issues.

Purity of the breed

Purebred puppies have a lower probability of developing hereditary health problems than mixed-breed ones. Hence, the purebred ones always fetch a higher rate. It, therefore, matters from whom you buy your puppy. Breeders play a significant role in the purity of the lineage of your dog.

Locality or the region

The dogs available conveniently in the region cost lesser than those that aren’t. The farther a dog has to come from, expensive it gets. It is because of the transportation and other costs associated with it. So, rarer breeds from far away places will cost you higher to bring home.

Miscellaneous factors

There are a few other miscellaneous factors that impact the final price. Champion Bloodline is something associated with the predecessors of a dog you are planning to buy. If any of them have received the title of Champion in an official dog event, then the price of the litter has the potential to go high.

Microchipped puppies cost more. Microchip provides a kind of permanent ID to your pet. It will again increase the price of your pet. 

Several other costs are involved in caring for a pet dog of Pembroke Welsh Corgi. On average, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi’s maintenance will range between $40 to $80 per month.

Feeding Cost

Feeding involves a diet appropriate for canines. It must be in a combination of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dog meals. Appropriate nutrition is a significant factor while feeding. Age and the size of your Pembroke will decide the quantity and type of feed. The feed will also include treats and other items used as a component of motivation. So, it will cost you about $100 to $300 a month.         

Grooming Cost

The breed requires a high standard of grooming, and that too often. If you fail to take some time off of your schedule to groom your pet, you will end up spending a significant amount. Hiring a professional groomer in the USA will cost you between $50 to $80 a month.

Medical Expenses

Any dog as your pet will incur medical costs. It may include initial vaccinations, spaying, neutering at a later stage, or any other medical condition. So for your regular vet visits, keep aside somewhere between $20 – $100. Calculate the overall medical expenditure of the dog at around $200 to $700 that will include various factors mentioned above.

Miscellaneous Costs

Once you bring home a dog, several expenses associated pop up with them. Dog boarding, walking, microchipping, and more such misc costs begin to appear. So the overall miscellaneous expense must be considered from $80 to $150 a month.

About & History

Corgi in Celtic refers to a dog or cor for dwarf and gi for a dog. It shouldn’t be hard to guess that the Pembroke Welsh corgi originated in Wales in the Pembrokeshire area. They are descendants of dogs brought to Wales by Flemish weavers about AD 1100, such as the Keeshond, Pomeranian, and Samoyed. 

Queen Elizabeth II got her first Pembroke in 1933. The name of which was Dookie, and she has not been without one or more since. The dog has a personality that is very people-pleasing and outgoing. They adapt to a city or the countryside.         

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is an active and intellectual dog. The original breeding of which was to herd cattle, sheep, and horses. Besides herding, they were gentle with the farmers’ children or the hens in the courtyard. Therefore, they developed a character of being great with elders and kids. 

Corgis are loving and adaptable with an entire family, which makes them perfect for any household. They also fit perfectly for apartment life and for those who are new at pet parenting. They are good watchdogs and react instantly on sensing something threatening to the family.


Corgis are of two kinds but are of distinct breeds developed separately. They both have bodies, levels of intelligence, ability to herd alike. Cardigan Welsh Corgi is nevertheless larger than Pembroke. Pembrokes appear in four different colors and markings. 

The breed appears in shades of red, black, and tan. White markings are noticeable on the legs, chest, neck, and belly. The heads of Pembroke are like that of a fox with a beam over them. They have dark and oval-shaped eyes and erect ears. A marking on their backs known as a fairy saddle appears, caused by a change in thickness and direction of a strip of hair.

Corgis are 10–12 inches tall, weighing 30 and 28 pounds. Occasionally the litter of a Corgi may appear fluffy than the typical ones. Their physical features may not seem as much compared to their athletic abilities. The dogs excel at competitions of herding and readiness. 

Temperament & Character

Pembrokes are intelligent but very much stubborn and also vocal. They tend to bark at almost every other thing. Socializing from puppyhood will regulate this behavior. Mental stimulation will reduce barking and chewing.

Otherwise, they are bossy as well as overprotective. Corgis are territorial with other dogs and cats. They may look small but, a big dog attitude is something to admire. You can call them a big dog in a small package.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a people-oriented breed and gets friendly even with strangers. You cannot leave these dogs unattended. They need to be surrounded by family members all the time. 

Corgis do good in all weather conditions due to their weather-resistant coats. The only issue with the breed is that they are prone to overeating. So, it is necessary to stay watchful of its food intake. 


Original breeding of corgis was for herding, so they are naturally active. They need a good amount of play sessions and walks in plenty. Despite their small size, these dogs have a lot of energy. Hence, they demand a healthy amount of exercise.  

If these athletic dogs fail to exercise or train sufficiently, they will express their working drives by herding the kids and family. It’s fascinating how their unique structure allows these short-legged pups to move around quickly. Pembrokes can go for a slow jog but not ride on a bike or run very fast. 

Food is a great training motivator. Corgis also strive to please the owners. So, keep these components as their primary tools of training. Housebreaking can get a bit tricky so, crate training is advisable. Early exposure and socializing are necessary, similar to any other kind.


Pembrokes shed continuously, but twice a year, the shedding goes higher. It is due to the double coat with a thick undercoat and an extended topcoat. Irregular grooming can turn the heavy shedding season into an ordeal. So, we recommend daily brushing for the breed.

Nevertheless, grooming is not hard on Corgis. Brush teeth twice/ thrice a week. Daily brushing is even better to remove tartar buildup and the bacteria that slink inside it. Bathe them as and how it is needed. 

Trimming his nails twice a month is a great idea. It will prevent painful tears and other problems if your dog doesn’t wear them down naturally. Check your dog’s ears regularly and clean them with a cotton ball to prevent infections. Redness or a foul odor are indications of pH imbalance or infestation.

A positive and reward-filled grooming experience will lay a base for handling him as an adult or for veterinary exams.

Is Corgi a good family dog?

Corgis love to please people and are very people-oriented. These pets are great with children and other furry members of the family. They are easy to groom, train and also learn quickly. Pembrokes are an intelligent breed who are obedient, coordinating, and are able at herding. They love to play and run around all day, thereby making an enthusiastic companion. People planning to become pet parents for the first time must definitely consider Corgi.

Are corgis an aggressive breed?

Corgis are a very active and playful breed. Originally their breeding was to herd cattle, sheep, and horses. So their instinct is more protective nature. So, they may bark, get aggressive at strangers when they feel a threat around. They are more likely to be hostile as compared to other soft breeds. 

What problems do corgis have?

You must be careful of where you buy your pet. As a breed, the dogs have health issues, besides the conditions in which they took birth. Some of which you need to be cautious of is- hip dysplasia and eye problems. Since they have short legs, they come with a set of threats associated with height. They shouldn’t run too fast or fall from a height that may cause an injury to their back.

Do corgis like to cuddle?

The breed of Pembroke Welsh Corgi is known to love cuddles from their human friends and parents. They are highly affectionate despite their notorious attitude. Besides cattle herding, these dogs would deal gently with the farmers’ kids and hens around. It has developed a loving persona in them. The likes and dislikes of every dog vary from one another. So some corgis like cuddling more than others do.

How do we best describe Pembroke Welsh Corgis? An easy handling, apartment living, best companion, and an alert watchdog. Corgis are the ones for you if you are looking for a walking buddy with a skill set of herding, obedience, and readiness. He is the best pet dog in a small package.