Peacock as Pet – Cost in USA, Lifespan, Caring & More

The peacock is a large, colorful bird that has an elaborate train of feathers. It’s native to India, but can also be found in parts of Africa.

The peacock bird is a popular choice for people who want to add some flair to their gardens, since they are relatively easy to care in gardens.

The peacock’s feathers are often damaged from mites and parasites, so they need a clean environment with plenty of room for these birds to fly around.

Many people have found that they must create a new habitat or improve an existing habitat in order to give their peacocks the space they need.

How Much Does Peacock Cost?

Although Peacock is an exotic bird, its price can range from $50 to $275, average cost being $55. The cost of peacock can depend upon various factors like location, from whom you buy, health status of bird and its type.

The price of peacock birds is determined by the demand and supply of peacock birds. If there is a high demand for peacock birds, the price will be higher than if there was a low demand for peacock birds.

Also, healthy peacock with straight toes can cost you few hundred dollars while the one that has toe defect can come at lesser price.

Peacock Price as per Type

India Blue
$50 to $75
Black Shoulder$50 to $125
Pied$150 to $250
Cameo$200 to $275
White Peacock
$200 to $275
Spalding$75 to $150


How many types of peacock are there?

The peacock is a large bird with feathers that are iridescent and vibrant. It is native to India, Southern Asia, and Africa. There are three different types of peacocks: Indian, Congo and Green-winged peacock.

Indian Peacock

An Indian peacock is a beautiful bird and is known for its vibrant colors and the long, fan-shaped tail. The male Indian peacock’s tail feathers can grow up to 1 meter in length. The female Indian peacock’s tail feathers are much smaller and shorter than the males’.

Indian peacock are native to India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. India is home to the largest population of these birds.

They are mostly found in the forests of India. They are also found in gardens and parks where they can live without much disturbance from humans.

The Indian peacocks have a body length of about 1 meter with a tail that can be up to 3 meters long.

The Indian peacock has long tail feathers which it uses as a defense mechanism to ward off predators such as tigers and leopards. The Congo peacock has shorter tail feathers, but they have more colors than the Indian peacock.

Do Peacocks make good pets?

Though Peacocks are kept as pets since ancient time, in true sense thet are not domesticated animals and do not make good pets. They are wild birds and need the space to roam, which is not possible in a home. But they can make a beautiful addition to large gardens when their natural instinct and needs are fulfilled.

Peacock generally allow their parents to touch and tame but it is not same like other pets. Most of other pet birds can be tamed and house trained but peacock can’t be trained that way.

The peacock population has grown rapidly over the years, due to their excellent personality. While people say they are not reliable pets or companions, their demand hasn’t dropped much at all.

Peacocks are omnivorous, they can eat a broad range of foods.

Peacocks are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. In the wild, they primarily eat fruits, insects, and small vertebrates such as lizards, frogs, and mice.

In captivity, peacocks can be fed a diet consisting of grains, seeds, fruits and vegetables.

Appearane of Peacock

The peacock is a beautiful, colorful bird. The peacock’s feathers are large and have many different colors on them. They have a long tail that they use to show off their colors.

The number of colors on a peacock’s feathers varies. They range from blue and green to yellow and red, with the most common colors being blue, green, and purple.

The colors of a peacock’s feathers are due to the presence of pigments and photonic crystals. The colors in a peacock’s feathers are the result of light interference. The microscopic structure of the feathers creates a surface that reflects certain wavelengths of light, while absorbing others.


Though Peacocks are fierce, aggressively territorial birds with a reputation for aggressiveness they can be affectionate to their human parents and when raised by humans from an early age, the peacock may see them as its parents.

The peacock is generally not accustomed to being in the company of other birds, but it does have a strong tendency for socializing with other peacocks. This means that when groups are gathered together they are called “parties.”

Generally, peacocks are captivating to watch, but destructive otherwise. You should also be warned that the male peacocks can get riled up if provoked so use caution when approaching them.

If you become a good peacock parent, they can come to trust and be comfortable with sitting on your lap. Peacock may eat from that person’s hands because it smells familiar to them.

Generally, older peacock stay in trees at night to protect themselves. These are called roosting areas and they’re typically very tall.

Call of Peacock

Peacock call is a term used to describe the sound that a peacock makes. It is a loud, drawn out screech that can be heard from up to a mile away. The peacock call is used as an alarm call and also as an effort to attract females for mating.

The peacock’s call is loud because it is a mating call. The peacock uses his tail feathers to attract a mate, and the larger and more colorful the tail, the better chance of attracting a female.

When you keep Peacock as pet, some homeowners and neighbors are irritated by peacocks making cacophonous noises during mating season.

In the wild, Peacocks are usually seen during the breeding season. These birds are known to be polygamous and generally keeps a harem of about 3 to 4 females.

what do peacocks do?

Though peacocks have giant tail feathers, they are able to fly but not as far as any other bird species. In times of danger can find safety up in a tree.

People use peafowl to help keep garden pest populations under control because peacock can eat a variety of insects, snakes and amphibians.

Is a peacock a bird?

Yes, a peacock is a bird and is a member of the pheasant family. The peacock is a bird because it has feathers, a beak, and wings; like other birds, it is warm-blooded. Peacocks are best known for their colorful feathers, which they use to attract mates. These birds are native to Asia and are generally found in wooded areas.

Females are termed Peahens, while males are called Peacocks.

Do peacocks poop a lot?

Peacock poop a lot, almost about every few minute they do some dropping. Since peacock are related to chicken they have tendency to poop frequently and they can poo anywhere.

Peacocks are known for their beautiful feathers but they are also known for their poop. Peacocks do not always poop in one place, but they can be found near the food they eat and where they roost.

Peacock poop is not toxic, but it can cause problems if it’s left on the ground. The best way to clean peacock poop is to sweep it up with a broom and dustpan.

The peacock is a symbol of immortality and rebirth. The peacock sheds its feathers and grows new ones, representing the cycle of life and death.

What does peacock symbolize?

The peacock is a symbol of beauty, vanity, and life. It is often associated with the Greek goddess Hera, who was known for her jealousy. The peacock’s feathers are also seen as symbols of immortality because they were thought to be able to regenerate when they fell out.

Peacock is a symbol of beauty in Hinduism. The peacock is considered to be the vehicle of Lord Kartikeya, the son of Shiva and Parvati.

Overall, having peacock as pet can a great fun to watch due it’s beauty but hard to maintain in long term as they are not ease to tame and needs large area or gardens to keep them.