Mini Lop Bunnies for Sale, Cost, Breed Details & Breeders List

Almost all bunnies are cute, adorable and steal the heart. Mini lop bunny is no exception to this. Mini lop rabbit is a dwarf, domesticated rabbit breed that is recognised by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association).

Mini lop comes in a wide range of colors, has lop-ears and has laid-back personality which are few striking features why this breed is so popular as a pet.

If you are wondering where you can find the Mini lop rabbit for sale then you are at the right place. We have covered all the details needed for you.

Mini Lop Bunnies for Sale

You can find the Mini lop bunnies for sale at various pet stores, rabbitry, online pet marketplace and with reputable breeders in your area. Before buying, check with the local animal shelter to see if you can adopt a rescue bunny.

You can also buy Mini lop bunnies from the previous owners who want to sell out their bunnies. To find such owners, you can search on facebook and ask your friends for references.

How much does a Mini Lop bunny cost?

Mini lop bunnies can cost around $30 to $100 in the United States. Though the price can vary depending upon the several factors like quality of bunny, where you buy from, and pedigree. Show-quality Mini lop cost more and price can go upto the $400

Min Lop Bunny
Source – Wikimedia Commons (user- miniaturelop)

Factors that Affect Mini Lop Bunnies Price

There are several factors that come into play while deciding the price of Mini lop bunnies.

Pedigree Mini lops cost more

It’s a common knowledge that the mixed breed will be cheaper as compared to purebred with pedigree. Sometimes, purebred bunnies without paperwork can also be sold at low cost.

If you are looking to keep Mini lop as a pet then you don’t need to go for the show-quality breed but if you plan to breed them in the future, it is always better to buy a show-quality lops.

From whom you buy a bunny

As discussed earlier, you can buy a Mini lop bunny from pet stores, breeders, rabbitry, friends/previous owners and from online websites.

Generally pet stores sell at higher cost and should be your last resource to find a rabbit you’re looking for.

Buying directly from the previous owners or friends can cut the cost drastically. Generally these bunnies are healthy since they are looked after by previous owners and raised with care.

You can buy the lops from a reputable breeder in your area. Search online for the list of reputable breeders in your area or ask friends for reference.

Avoid the breeders that are in the business for the sake of making money. You can ask several questions to get a sense if the breeder is passionate about his work and does a good job or not.


Rabbit prices vary as per your buying location. Some places you will find more breeders breeding the lops and selling price drops.

Also, vaccination cost, vet cost, food cost and transportation cost differ from city to city which is a primary reason why Mini lop bunny prices vary from one place to another.

Rare Colors may cost more

Mini lops come in many colors which fall under the 7 primary color groups i.e pointed white, broken, ticked, self, agouti, shedded and wide band.

Rare or desirable colored bunnies may cost more.

Other Factors

Several other factors like vaccination, food cost, toys cost, rabbit fixing and yearly healthcare expenses plays an important role deciding the price of mini lop rabbits.

If you are buying a spayed or neutered rabbit, it will cost you more than the one that is not fixed. Also, if the seller has vaccinated the bunny, vaccination cost will add up in the price.

Where to Buy Mini Lop Rabbit?

Since the popularity of Mini lop rabbits is increasing, they are readily available to buy and you can easily find a breeder or pet store to buy from.

List of Mini Lop Rabbit Breeders in USAUS Mini Lop Breeder List
ARBA Breeders List
State Wise Breeders List

Before you buy any pet from the pet store or breeder, we request you to have a look at animal shelters to see if they have any rescue rabbit waiting for adoption. Adopting is better than buying.

We don’t encourage buying pet rabbits from the pet stores unless and until they have all the documents and history of parents, vaccination etc cause most of the time pet store either breed the rabbits for monetary gain or buy from the breeders that are not much passionate about the rabbits and in the breeding business just to earn money.

About & History

Mini lop rabbit is a domestic rabbit and shouldn’t be confused with the “Miniature Rabbit” since the former is recognized by ARBA while the latter is recognized by British Rabbit council.

Though it is a smaller breed it is not a dwarf in true sense since they do not carry the dwarfing genes.

It was first bred by crossing the German lop rabbit with the smaller Chinchilla rabbit but now breeders use other rabbits to breed the Mini lop.

In 1972, a California breeder named Bob Herschbach was attending a pet show at Essen, Germany and found this new breed and brought it to the United States. In Germany, it is known as “Klein Widder”.

Bob began breeding these Klein widders by crossing it with Chinchilla rabbits and presented the first Kein widder rabbit to American rabbit breeders association.In 1974, ARBA changed the name of this rabbit to Mini lop and accepted it in ARBA registry in 1980.

Since then Mini lops are gaining popularity as pets and people started adopting and buying them due to their cute looks and it became a favorite bunny of many.


Mini lops fall under the smaller rabbit breeds and showcase the compact pudgy body, well-furred ears hanging along the side of head and weigh less than 6.5 pounds.

The body of Mini lop rabbits are massive, well-rounded and females often show the dewlap. Mini lop has a short neck with a broad head.

Mini lop rabbits are small but have enough fat to look chubby which is why they look cute and often rabbit lovers call them a basketball with head or lops of excellence.

Overall, a rounded look with super-soft fur is a signature mark of Mini lop rabbits. This medium-size rabbit breeds is nothing less than a teddy bear that you can’t resist cuddling.

Temperament and Behaviour

Mini lops are affectionate rabbits and make great pets for kids and families as they love picking up and cuddling. In short, they are attention seekers and affectionate pets.

These affectionate bunnies love calm places so they do well with the calmer families, seniors and couples.

Mini lops have active temperament and love playing around or outside of home with their toys. They can easily bond with family but if you just brought them home then give them some time to get accustomed to the new environment and take things slowly until they get used to all members in the family.

Are Mini Lop Rabbits Suitable For You?

Mini lop rabbit will be a perfect fit for you if you are looking to have a friendly, laid-back, energetic and easy to get along pet. Mini lops are friendly fuzzy balls that are easy to care for and require wide room to play, balanced diet and proper attention.