Lionhead Rabbits for Sale, Price in US, Breed Details & More

Lionhead rabbit is one of the most eye-catching domestic rabbits due to its fluffy mane around the head.

Originated in France and Belgium, it is believed that the breed is a result of genetic mutation while crossing a miniature Swiss Fox with a Netherland dwarf.

Breeders were crossing these rabbits to have long-coated dwarf rabbits but ended up having a new breed that has fluffy mane around the head which resembles lion’s mane, hence the name.

Due to its small size and fluffy mane, lionhead rabbits are super popular as small pets. They are timid but make good family pets.

If you are planning to buy one and want to know its price, breed details and where you can find one, then read on to know more.

Lionhead Rabbit for Sale

Several rabbitry, reputable breeders, pet stores and online websites keep the lionhead rabbit for sale in the United States. Always adopt rather than buying but if you can’t find one to adopt, try to buy it from a reputable breeder.

How much does a Lionhead rabbit cost?

To buy a lionhead rabbit you have to spend anywhere between $25 to $110 with average being around $70 depending upon age of bunny, location of buying, breed quality and whether you are buying from a pet store, reputable breeder or rabbitry.

Though, aforementioned price is not the final price, it is the best price range for which you can expect to buy your bunny.

Lionhead Rabbit

Factors affecting the Price of Lionhead Rabbit

From the breed quality to the cost of maintenance, several factors influence the price of lionhead rabbits.

Here are the factors that affect the price of pet rabbit –

Breeder Factor

Price can vary as per from whom you buy a rabbit. You can acquire a rabbit from a pet store, breeders, rabbitry or can adopt one from an animal shelter.

First thing you should do is to check the animal shelter in your area for a rescue rabbit or find an owner that wants to give away their lionhead rabbit. Generally, you get these rabbits at free of cost.

Pet stores often sell the lionhead rabbits at a higher price than the average price.  You can also buy the lionhead rabbit from reputable rabbit breeders in your area.

Location Factor

Area from where you are buying the lionhead rabbit can influence the price. Buying a rabbit in metropolitan cities can cost you more as compared to remote places.

This is because the developed city affects other costs for the breeders. Also, animal welfare laws may differ from state to state.

Rabbit Breed Quality

Show quality lionhead rabbits cost more than the pet quality. If you are planning to buy a lionhead to participate in a rabbit beauty contest then you should go for the show quality.

If your sole purpose of having a lionhead is to keep it as a pet then you can buy a pet quality rabbit.

Lionhead bunny with show winning ancestors can cost more.  Also, rabbits with pedigrees are costlier than the mixed breed.

Spayed or Neutered Rabbit Cost More

The average price to get lionhead fixed is $270. Though the actual price of fixing a rabbit can vary widely, it can go from $75 upto $450 in some states.

Spayed or neutered bunnies are costlier than the ones that are not fixed. But paying a few bucks more to have a fixed rabbit is worth it in the long run.

Other Factors

Apart from the factors that are discussed above, there are several other factors that can enhance the price of rabbits.

Already vaccinated lionhead can cost more than those of the non-vaccinated. Color variation, ancestors’ health history, temperament and litter box training can also influence the price.

Where to Buy Lionhead Rabbit?

You can buy a lionhead rabbit from pet stores, reputable breeders in your area, rabbitry, your friends that own the rabbits or can adopt a rescue rabbit from animal shelters.

You can even find one by looking for ads on the various websites that deal in pet adoption and sale.

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About & History

Lionhead rabbit gained popularity as a cute pet in the last few decades, thanks to its dwarf size, flutty mane around head and friendly temperament.

In the late 1990’s lionhead rabbits found their way in the United States and became popular as pet rabbits.

Basically, the lionhead rabbit is a dwarf rabbit and originated in France and Belgium. Breeders crossed miniature Swwiss Fox rabbit with Netherland dwarf rabbit expecting they will have long-coated dwarf rabbit but genes got mutilated and the new breed had a fluffy mane around the head.

This new breed of rabbit with mane around the head resembles a lion’s mane hence named as lionhead rabbit while the genes that caused this mane are named as mane genes.

In 2013, ARBA recognized two varieties of lionhead rabbits that are Ruby-eyed white and tortoise; since then these rabbits can participate in rabbit shows across the United States.


Lionhead rabbits typically look like a dwarf rabbit and have mane around their head. At first glance they are cute and cuddly.

The mane wool is fluffy,  2 to 3 inch long and mostly grows around the head, chin, and chest. Occasionally you can find this wool mane growing around their flanks.

On an average lionhead’s weigh around 2.5 to 3.5 pounds and is 9 to 10 inch long.

Temperament & Behaviour

Lionhead rabbits are friendly, well mannered pet rabbits that make good family pets but can become aggressive when frightened.

Though lionhead rabbits are cute, friendly pets, they are not a good choice for the beginners with kids since they are timid, require patience to train, and can easily get frightened.

You will need to spend a great amount of time with them to train and reward them with treats so that they start interacting with you.

If they are not provided with rabbit friendly toys and do not get proper attention from the parents, boredom sets in and they may become depressed. To avoid this, set your routine in such a way that you can play with lionhead everyday.

Though, lionhead are dwarf rabbits, they are very active and need active attention and enough space to burn off the energy.

Providing them chew toys will prevent them from chewing on the other items in the house. Make sure to rabbit-proof your room if you plan to let them out in the house.

Also, occasionally allowing them to dig in a garden can ease their natural instinct to dig.

How Long Does a Lionhead Rabbit Live?

On an average lionhead rabbit can live for 8 to 10 years when properly cared for. Caring of lionhead includes providing them with the right type of food, the best environment to live in, enough daily attention and exercise. These factors play a major role in  keeping the lionhead rabbit healthy, happy and active which influence its lifespan.

Lionhead Food & Water Requirement

Letting your rabbit to feast on fibre rich grass, vegetables and fruits is not a bad thing. Their teeth constantly keep growing and fibre rich diet can help them to file down the growing teeths.

Green leafy vegetables, grass hay, and water should make a major portion of lionhead food along with enough water to drink to keep themselves hydrated.

Keep the commercially prepared pellets in moderation and sugary treats in low quantity. You can use the sugary fruits and treats on an occasional basis for training but don’t let your lionhead eat it in large quantities.

Lionhead Grooming

Lionheads have more hairs as compared to other dwarf rabbit breeds which is a primary reason they need frequent grooming sessions.

Lionhead rabbits have a lot of hairs and need frequent brushing at least twice a week.

So, if you decide to buy a lionhead rabbit as a pet then be prepared to pay more attention to their grooming

If you don’t  remove the dead hairs through brushing they can ingest it and can suffer from a health issue known as “wool-block”.

A single-mane lionhead has thicker hairs around the head, ear and chest while the double-mane lionheads also have hairs around their skirt.

Lionhead rabbits need brushing on a daily basis to keep the ocat healthy and remove the dead hairs.

When you bring a new lionhead rabbit, don’t rush into the grooming as it can be stressful for them. Instead, begin with training them to be around you and occasionally offer them treats. This will help to minimize their stress.

Once they start interacting with you, introduce gentle brushing. Keep the grooming session comfortable for them so that they don’t run away.

Do lionhead rabbits need baths?

Lionhead rabbits do not require baths. Almost all rabbits hate water since it wets their fur which takes a long time to dry. You can keep the lionhead clean by doing spot-cleaning of their coat with a damp cloth.

Do lionhead bunnies make good pet?

Lionhead bunnies make good pets for those who are experienced with pet ownership and knowledgeable about the needs of rabbits. They need a lot of attention and care, but they make great companions.