Flemish Giant Rabbit – For Sale, Breeders in US, Price & Details

Often people tag rabbits as delicate, gentle and small sized animals. But Flemish giant rabbits, as name suggests, are truly giant and termed as the king of rabbits. Animal enthusiasts believe that it is the oldest recognized rabbit breed.

It is one of the domesticated rabbit breeds that are bred for meat and fur but due to its calm nature it is commonly kept as a pet in the US.

How much does a Flemish giant rabbit cost?

Flemish giant rabbit can cost anywhere between $20 to $300 with average being around $75 depending upon the quality of breed, age, eye colour, health condition, buying location and from whom you are buying it from. Pet quality rabbits without pedigree are cheaper than that of show quality.

Usually, pet stores and independent breeders keep the flemish giant rabbit for sale in the USA.

But not all the breeders or pet stores qualify to purchase your bunny friend. You need to ask several questions to the breeder before you make your mind buying from them.

Flemish Giant Rabbit

Here are several factors that affect the price of Flemish giant rabbits in the USA.

Factors Affecting the Price of Flemish Giant Rabbit

The rabbit quality

A show quality rabbit conforms to Flemish giant rabbit breed standards and is expensive compared to pet quality rabbits. If you are looking to keep the flemish as a household pet, then a pet quality puppy can be a better choice.

Though the show quality rabbits are better than that of pet quality, the firsthand difference between both is negligible and both are equally alluring bunnies.

If your goal is to keep the bunny as a pet, buying a pet-quality rabbit makes sense as they are more tamed that way as well as can save you some money while buying since pet-quality rabbits are cheaper.

Location of Buying

US is a fairly large country and the location of buying the bunny can directly affect the cost of Flemish giant rabbits. In some states you may find it at a relatively cheaper rate than that of others.

Breeder Factor

Quality of rabbit and its price differ when you buy the rabbit from reputable breeders rather than the pet stores. Rabbits from highly reputed breeders can be costly due to pure bloodline and great maintenance.

Such breeders are passionate about breeding the rabbits rather than looking at rabbit breeding as a business. They keep their rabbits in good condition, maintain their health to the utmost and if required get bunnies vaccinated.

You will find flemish giant rabbit for adoption or sale at following places –

  1. Animal shelter & rescue groups [for adoption]
  2. Pet stores
  3. Passionate breeders
  4. Regular home breeders/ rabbitry

Adopt rather than buy – We strongly suggest you adopt a rabbit from an animal shelter near you rather than buying one from pet stores. Often breeders and pet stores are in the business to make money but the animals in shelter homes are in need to care.

When you decide to keep a rabbit as a pet, first check with nearest animal shelter or rescue groups. You can find them by searching online.

Other Factors

Several other factors that can affect the price of flemish giant rabbit are age, colour and health condition of rabbit. If the rabbit is vaccinated then rice may increase due to added vaccination cost.

Pet enthusiasts often overlook the ongoing cost of keeping rabbits as pets. While buying a pet rabbit you need to consider the cost of its food, healthcare expenses, cage expenses and other supplies like bedding, treats, toys etc.

Usually, rabbits live for 8 to 10 years and cost adds up every year. Also, where you plan to keep the rabbit decides whether you will require a hutch or a cage.

Hutches are more expensive than the cages and cost upto $200 while indoor cages are a bit cheaper and can cost upto $100.

Also, if you plan to keep the rabbit inside the house and want them to roam around the room then you need to get your room rabbit-proof which will add one time cost to your pocket.

Food cost

On an average you will be spending $45 per month for the fresh vegetables, hay and pellets for your rabbit.

We suggest that, if possible, try to grow organic hay and veggies for your rabbit rather than buying and in case you decide to buy it from the market try to get a deal with a wholesaler.

Health Cost

While buying rabbit you need to consider the recurring health cost. Usually rabbits stay healthy when cared properly and fed wisely, odds are there will be a health issue.

One exotic vet visit can cost you around $40 to $50 and if you decide to neuter your bunny, the procedure will cost you somewhere $250.

Also, the health cost varies depending upon the vet and what health issue your rabbit is facing.

How to Identify a Reputable Rabbit Breeder?

Reputable rabbit breeders are passionate for their rabbits and are not pushy while selling rabbits. Usually, they involve themselves in each sale and make sure that rabbit finds its way to the right parents. You can find them from references from other rabbit parents, veterinarians and your friends.

Points to Consider While Buying Flemish Giant Rabbit

Find and enlist reputable rabbit breeders in your area. Ask your friends or vets for references. Talk to them over a phone and arrange a personal visit to see the rabbit.

Once you visit the breeder, check the area where the rabbit is kept. Rabbits should grow in a clean and healthy environment.

Breeder should have health details for the rabbit like when the rabbit was last visited by the local vet, whether the rabbit is vaccinated or not etc.

Ask the breeder about the rabbit parents and if they have any genetic problem.

Check if the breeder is a member of the local or national breeder club and ask for certification for the same.

See if the breeder interacts with you or not. Reputable breeders often interact with buyers and try to understand the buyers past experience with pets.

Fun Fact – Flemish giant rabbits also known as an “Universal Rabbit” since they are kept as pet, used for meat, fur, breeding and as a show animal.

Where to Buy Flemish Giant Rabbit in the US?

You can find the Flemish giant rabbit to buy at rabbitry, pet stores, from breeders and even can search online in rabbit forums and other places like facebook communities. Tough you can buy them online and other places, we recommend buying from reputable breeders.

Buying your bunny from a well known rabbitry or reputable breeder increases your chances to get a healthy, well-maintained rabbit with pure-bloodline. Also, they are groomed properly to have better temperament.

List of Rabbit Breeds in USA

1776 American Homestead Mercersburg Pennsylvania Email 717-377-6347
3 River Rabbits Farmington New Mexico Email 505-486-6623
A & M Champagne Dreams Rabbitry Tupper Lake New York Email 518-354-9984
Bangs Bunnies Elbert Colorado Email 303-648-9822
Beach Bunny Rabbitry San Diego California Email 760-861-8798
Beth Dupree Cleveland Oklahoma Email 918-671-7911
Brink’s Bunnies Rockford Michigan Email 616-425-1801
BV Rabbitry El Dorado California Email 530-409-0257
CD Ranch Ramblin Hills Kila Montana Email 406-909-0314
Charles Bryant Dallas North Carolina Email
Childers Rabbit Patch Zanesville Ohio Email
Firestorm Rabbitry Dixon Illinois Email 815-440-2212
Happy Tails Flemish Giant Murrieta Georgia Email 951-704-0633
Honneybunnyluv Raleigh North Carolina Email 919-539-7222
Hopping Heartstrings Rabbitry Belleville Ontario (Canada) Email
Jeremy Fontenot New Iberia Los Angeles Email 337-376-6156
Lake Hills Rabbitry Parkersburg West Virginia Email 304-588-4426
Lucky Feet Rabbitry Twin Lakes Wisconsin Email
Mel-o-D’s Rabbit Patch Prophetstown Illnois Email
Melinda Foreman Rayne Los Angeles Email 337-384-8613
Michigan Giants & Lions Dundee Michigan Email
Mystic Rabbitry Almond Wisconsin Email 989-621-2203
Niswonger Farms Ocala Florida Email 352-234-4695
Polk County Rabbitry Mena Arkansas Email 512-584-3360
River Bard Rabbits Deerfield Massachusetts Email 413-774-7135
Rocking M Rabbitry Bancroft Wisconsin Email 715-416-5824
Southern Cottontails Florence Alabama Email 770-364-9040
Big Fat Rabbitat San Jacinto California Email 951-200-0250
The Bunny Depot Danielson Connecticut Email 860-576-2345
TwistedOaks Flemish Giants Williston Florida Email
Boo Boo’s Bunnytry Balto Maryland Email 410-599-7759
Solis Social Family El Cajon California Email 619-631-8531
Riddle Rabbit Tree Mansfield Texas 917-938-8472

About & History

As the name suggests, Flemish giant rabbits are large and cute animals that make great pets. Apart from keeping them as pets, they are often used for meat and fur.

Flemish giant rabbits are first bred in the city of Ghent, Belgium during the 16th century and believed to be the ancestor for most of the rabbit breeds across the world like Stone rabbit, Patagonian rabbits and Belgian hare are few to name.

When we dug into the history of this rabbit we found that this breed has picked attention mostly after 1910 and started appearing in livestock shows in the United States.

In 1893, the very first standards were written for the Flemish giant rabbit and since then it has slowly picked up popularity as a utility breed.

Now, these rabbits are popular as pets due to their giant size and having calm temperament.

Flemish Giant Rabbit Breed Details & Cost

Name Flemish Giant Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
Weight 10 to 22 pounds
Length 2.5 feet
Cost in US $20 to $300
Diet Grass, Fresh fruits, vegetables, dry food & timothy hay
Social Behavior Docile temperament, Good companions to humans
Activity Active during day and sleep at night
Lifespan 8 to 10 yrs


Flemish giants have been bred over several centuries with one goal, i.e. to enhance its size. The smaller Flemish giant weighs around 14 pound while the healthy, well-grown Flemish giant male can weigh upto 24 pounds and can become 2.5 feet long.

Though, male and female Flemish giants are equally cute and awe-inspiring, male tend to have broader heads than the females while females have dewlap under the chin. Dewlap is a large fold of skin.

Well-grown Flemish giant has erect ears, rounded rump, long and sturdy body, well shaped head and uniform color coat.

This breed has thick and glossy fur and can be found in seven colors, which are light gray, steel gray, blue, black, white, flawn, and sandy.

Are Flemish Giant rabbits friendly?

Flemish giant rabbits are most friendly pet rabbits due to their docile nature & commonly known as gentle giants. They can make good companions with their owners and behave well with other pets. But can become nervous if handled roughly and may struggle by biting or scratching when they feel threatened.