Mini Lop Bunnies for Sale, Cost, Breed Details & Breeders List

Min Lop Bunny

Almost all bunnies are cute, adorable and steal the heart. Mini lop bunny is no exception to this. Mini lop rabbit is a dwarf, domesticated rabbit breed that is recognised by ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association). Mini lop comes in a wide range of colors, has lop-ears and has laid-back personality which are few striking … Read more

Lionhead Rabbits for Sale, Price in US, Breed Details & More

Lionhead Rabbit

Lionhead rabbit is one of the most eye-catching domestic rabbits due to its fluffy mane around the head. Originated in France and Belgium, it is believed that the breed is a result of genetic mutation while crossing a miniature Swiss Fox with a Netherland dwarf. Breeders were crossing these rabbits to have long-coated dwarf rabbits … Read more

Flemish Giant Rabbit – For Sale, Breeders in US, Price & Details

Flemish Giant Rabbit

Often people tag rabbits as delicate, gentle and small sized animals. But Flemish giant rabbits, as name suggests, are truly giant and termed as the king of rabbits. Animal enthusiasts believe that it is the oldest recognized rabbit breed. It is one of the domesticated rabbit breeds that are bred for meat and fur but … Read more