Cricket Anatomy – Detailed Guide & Diagram of Body Parts

Cricket Insect

Cricket is a fascinating animal that belongs to the scientific order “Orthoptera”. The other popular member of these order are katydids and grasshoppers. Based on the shared anatomical characterisitcis of Orthoptera insects, they are grouped together. These insects has common parts of body. What are body parts of a cricket? Crickets have several body parts … Read more

Cricket Life Cycle – Understanding Stages of Crickets Life

Scientists have identified 900+ species of crickets. They are insects and belong to the Gryllidae family. They closely resemble the grasshoppers. Egg, nymph, and adult are the three major stages of the Cricket life cycle. Crickets live 0 to 11 days in the egg stage, 6 weeks in the nymph stage, and approximately 6 weeks … Read more

Albino Crickets – Why are My Crickets Turning White?

Albino Cricket

Generally, crickets have yellowish-brown to brown color. Some may have black color. There are rare chances that you will find different colored cricket. Why are my crickets turning white (Albino Crickets)? Crickets turns white when they molt. These white crickets are referred as albino cricktes. Generally, crickets are brown in color but when they molt … Read more