Can Dogs Eat Nopales? Is it Safe for Dogs to Eat Cactus?

Nopal Salad

Nopales, also known as nopals, are Mexican native cacti traditionally used as vegetables and herbal medicine by the Aztecs.  Its leaves were highly treasured for their unique nutritional content and precious active ingredients, up to date.   This plant is still a typical food in Mexico, well known for its intestinal and blood purifying effects.  The … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Relish? (Good & Bads Explained)

Relish Pickle Cans

Is Relish among your favorite side dishes? It may also be your dog’s favorite, is it so? If you like to feed him everything he asks for, do your research about it.  If it is a matter of concern about the safety of relish for your dog, then read the article to know all about … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Tortillas? Are Tortillas Bad for Dogs?


Tortillas are thin, rounded unleavened bread traditionally made from maize mashed meal, but currently, they can also emerge from wheat flour. The native people of Mesoamerica were the first to make this meal, which made it the mainspring of Mesoamerican cuisine. The Nahuatl speakers, initially known as the Aztecs, referred to tortillas as Tlaxcala. These … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mozzarella Cheese? Is Mozzarella Cheese Safe for Dogs?

Mozzarella Cheese

From the word ‘Mozzare;’ to mean cutting by hand, the Southern Italian cheese is commonly made from buffalo’s and sometimes cows’, goats’ or sheep’s milk using the pasta filata method. Due to its short life and poor transport and preservation technology, Mozzarella cheese barely left its native Southern Italy until the late 20th century. The … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Mango? Is Mango Safe for Dogs

Mango Slice

Who doesn’t love mangos? Even your canine friends do! As pet parents, we always want the best for our pets. Any food we eat, anywhere we go, or anything we do, isn’t it? Sharing your favorite foods with your furry companions will strengthen the bond you share. Is it safe to feed them mangos? How … Read more