Are Beef and Venison Healthy for Cats?

Cat eating meat

Beef is meat obtained from mature cattle. Solid, velvety, thin-grained lean, and bright red color describe a healthy and quality beef steak.  It also has well-distributed fat smooth and creamy-white fat contents. On the other hand, game meat, especially from a deer, is called venison. It mimics the features of mutton and beef but with lesser … Read more

Can Cats Eat Guavas? Are Guavas Safe for Cats?

Guava fruit

Guavas are tropical fruits that originated from Central America. They are round in shape, with pale yellow skin and peach or white fleshy parts containing numerous small edible seeds. Guavas are packed with antioxidants, fiber, potassium, and vitamin C that offer humans several health benefits. But do guavas offer the same benefits to our feline … Read more

Munchkin Cat – Price, Personality, Breed Details & FAQ’s

Munchkin cat

Also known as the sausage cat, this new cat breed is recognized for its oddly short legs caused by a genetic mutation. So the Munchkin is an original dwarf cat.  Munchkin cats are a result of breeding a cat with the munchkin gene for short legs with a regular long-legged cat. The kittens adapt quite … Read more