Can Goats Eat Oranges? Is it Safe for Goats Eat Citrus Fruits?

Goats were primarily tamed as agricultural livestock. However, they make cute pets, being very friendly and harmless. The young goats are adorable creatures that have tempted people over time to nurture them as their pets.

We need to note that goats are different from regular pets like dogs or cats. They are purely herbivorous animals sticking to a strict natural and unprocessed diet.

Can Goats Eat Oranges?

Yes, goats can safely eat Oranges in moderate quantities. It is a safe and healthy treat that your pet goats will probably love eating. The citric fruit may increase the acidity levels of the goats’ stomachs.

So oranges should be fed as an occasional treat to the pets and moderately. Too much consumption of citrus may upset the goat’s rumen.

Oranges are a great snack that is highly juicy and tasty. One can enjoy oranges year long, unlike other seasonal fruits.

Goats have a natural inclination towards these sweet fruits. The vitamins and minerals present in these fruits are not just healthy for the goats, they also serve their sweet tooth cravings.

It is a popularly known fact that Oranges are rich in vitamin C, however, they also offer nutrients like folate, thiamine, and potassium to your pet goats. Many nutrients the fruit consists of are very much beneficial for your pet goat’s digestive system.

Vitamin A helps with good skin and eyesight for your goat, additionally, it helps them fight infections and develop a healthy reproductive system. Vitamin C is a great source of antioxidants, aids with managing high blood pressure, and prevents iron deficiency.

Younger goats benefit a lot from Vitamin E, deficiency of which might result in muscle diseases. It aids in improving the immunity and reproductive health of goats, besides being an essential antioxidant source.

Calcium, as we are aware, helps with bone health. It is also important for the good functioning of the heart, muscles, and nerves. Potassium looks after metabolism and fluid balances.

How many oranges should I feed my goat?

Goats have a different digestive system as compared to even other animals. They are categorized as ruminant animals, and they have more than one compartment in their stomach to break down foods.

The nutrition is a result of fermentation that takes place in a goat’s stomach, which is different from most common digestive processes.

Oranges are citrus fruits that are acidic in nature. So it is always a good idea to give oranges in moderation to the goats. Even better as an occasional treat. The same stands applicable to many fruits and treats edible by your goats.

If the goats consume more acidic food items, they may result in stomach bloat and problems with the digestive system. It is as comfortable to them as such issues are to us. So, oranges are better fed only as a rare or occasional treat and in limited numbers.

Why are Oranges good/bad for goats?

The nutrition in oranges greatly benefits the goats, besides keeping them hydrated and happy. Vitamin-rich fruit has its own pros to the animal as well as cons.

As mentioned earlier, the process of digestion in goats is fermentation. This kind of digestion accelerates with the consumption of more sugar. Even as much as 3% sugar in a goat’s diet can increase the fermentation beyond the usual.

Excessive fermentation will lead to bloating in goats which can cause major discomfort and pain to the goats. So, sugar-rich food items are best avoided from feeding your goats.

Oranges are significantly high in sugar and hence must be monitored how often and how much of them you give to your pet goats. It is not the case with other usual pets we tame, so caring for a goat is different from other pet animals.

How to Feed oranges to the goats?

Goats are not exactly grazers like other livestock animals. They are more like deers and tend to browse their feed. So when you are feeding fruits to goats, you should be wary of the size of bites you are giving them.

However, oranges may not cause much trouble since they are too soft to choke on. They can be fed as a whole i.e, without peeling or removing the seeds.

If you plan to feed your goats the orange peels or along without peeling the oranges, ensure to wash them well. The oranges purchased are chemically washed, or a few of them are even artificially colored. So it is important to wash them thoroughly before feeding them to your goats.

One must note not to feed a whole orange at once to your goat, follow moderation. Do not feed oranges to young and baby goats. You must not give fruits to goats younger than 3 to 4 months old.

Can Goats Eat Orange Peels?

Yes, goats have an excellent digestive system. Their systems break down and digest peels of oranges with ease.

The peel contains more Vitamin C than the fruit itself. So yes, they are an absolute yes for the goats. If you have peels of oranges leftover from your consumption, give them to your goats instead of throwing them away.

Are Orange seeds harmful to goats?

Orange seeds are not harmful to goats, unlike a few other fruits. We usually remove them before our consumption, and the same can be followed before feeding oranges to the goats. You can even give them the oranges without removing the seeds if you find it a hassle to remove them.

Can Goats Eat The Leaves Of An Orange Tree?

Goats browse the trees and leaves while choosing to feed on them. So they love the leaves of all trees irrespective of the kind. The leaves of an orange tree are certainly not harmful to the goats, they can be fed the leaves.

Can Goats drink Orange Juice?

Well, if there is anything the goats should be drinking, it is water. Especially during the summers, if they are consuming less water, you can offer them drinks such as orange juice to keep them hydrated and encourage them to drink more water.

What Other Fruits Can You Feed Your Goat?

Goats like to nibble on one after the other. They are happy to receive a treat or another constantly. However, we must avoid overfeeding the goats, especially with treats. Fruits once in a while are alright, provided they do not cause bloating due to their acidic nature or extreme sugar content. Goats can eat fruits like Watermelons, Apples, Mangoes, Plums, and many others.

Oranges are a taste, hydrated and healthy treat for all of us, including goats. Similar to other pets, too much of anything for your goats is not a good idea.

Goats can very well eat all the parts of the citric fruit, but only in moderation so that you avoid unhealthy consequences on the digestive system of your pet.