Can Goat Eat Brussel Sprouts?

Brussels sprouts are a vegetable that grow in clusters on a stalk. They are green, round and about the size of an apple.

Brussels sprouts are usually boiled or steamed before they are eaten. They can be served with butter, salt and pepper, or with bacon bits and shredded cheese.

Can goat eat Brussel sprouts?

Goats can safely eat Brussels sprout in moderation. Infact, they love to munch on leaves and stems of brussels sprout but it should be served them in moderation to avoid thyroid toxicity. Brussels sprout have enough goitrogens that can interfere with iodine uptake and throid functions.

Even though goats are thought of as eaters who eat anything, it is not entirely accurate. It is observed that some goats like to eat the Brussel sprouts while some just don’t like it.

But most of the goats eat Brussels sprout when they get it.

Brussels Sprouts

Brussels sprouts is a type of vegetable that belongs to the Brassica family. Types of vegetables from this group often include cabbage, kales and cauliflowers.

Though it is fine for goats to eat these vegetables, serving them in moderation can avoid the health problems.

At thegoatspot forum, one goat keeper recounted her experience about feeding the brussels sporut to her goat. Her goat got bloated after eating them. This may have been due to the overfeeding of Brussles shoots if goats consume them in large quantities.

You can feed your goats with Brussel sprout, but never give them too many. They are treats which you should only offer occasionally.

If you feed too much of these sprouts, it can cause urine to become discolored as well as glucosinolate in brussel sprout is toxic for the goats.

Contrary to common belief, the Brussel plant is well tolerated by livestock; however one needs to consider that it does contain glucosinolates which can be toxic to goats if ingested in high quantities.

Nutritional Value of 100 Grams Brussel Sprout

Protein3.4 grams
Carbohydrates9 grams
Fiber3.8 grams
Vitamin C65  mg
Vitamin K150 mcg
Folate60 mcg
Folate3 mcg
Potassium389 mg

Brussels sprouts contain several vitamins that have a variety of benefits including helping the blood clot properly, building bones, protecting against heart disease and many other health risks.

Brussels sprouts are high in protein and a good source of fiber, vitamin C, manganese, and vitamin K.

This veggie is high in antioxidants which reduce inflammation and improve blood circulation. On top of that this veggie contains compounds, like lycopene for example, which can protect against free radicals

Due to their vegetable-like structure, goats often interested to eat them. However, they should be eaten in moderation because they contain goitrogens which can inhibit the body’s ability to produce thyroid hormone.

Apart from that, sprouts are high in the substance, isothiocyanate which helps strengthen muscle’s ability to push food and waste through gastrointestinal tract. This causes bloating in goats if they eat too much of sprouts.