Blue Heeler Jack Russell Mix as a Pet – Detailed Guide

Are you an adventurer and a pet lover? Do designer dogs interest you? Then you must learn about Blue Heeler Jack Russell mix.

It is a mixed breed of Jack Russel terrier and the Blue Heeler, popularly known as the Australian cattle dog.

Is a blue heeler mix a good dog?

The Jack Russel terrier and the Blue Heeler mix breed is a great choice for those wanting a working dog who is friendly with the family. They help you with farms, and gardens and develop good bonds with their human owners.

The mixed-breed has acquired the best features of both their parents. They are active, intelligent, and bold dogs who are very friendly with their families.

Blue Heeler Mix Dog

About & History

The mixed breed is popularly also known as Cattle Jack which is an offspring of two working dogs.
Parents of the mixed breed, Blue Heeler was bred sometime in the 1840s, and Jack Russell Terriers were bred for fox hunting during the 1800s.

The Blue Heelers and Jack Russell Terriers got recognized as official breeds by the American Kennel Club (AKC) sometime in the 1980s. It is assumed that the first crossing might have occurred post the recognition.

The breeds were bred to bring something small, brave, with high energy levels and determination into existence. As per the opinions of experts, the genetic makeup of the mixed breeds is better than that of purebred dogs.


The Blue Heeler Jack Russel mix has acquired the features from its parents. The male Blue Heeler Jack Russell mixes are larger and heavier than the females of the breed. However, one cannot predict the accurate size of an adult of this hybrid dog.

These mixed breeds might reach up to 19 inches at the shoulder and weigh more than 45 pounds. The Jack Russell terrier can reach up to 12 inches tall and 15 pounds in weight.

The Blue Heeler Jack Russell Mix typically has a blotchy blue coat with tan markings. They may even carry a speckled look, have a white and black, white and tan, or tricolor coat pattern instead.

Overall they have a smooth, rough, or mixed textured weatherproof double coat.

The mixed breeds are naturally muscular with a compact body, deep chest, and an athletic appearance. They can either acquire an erect ear like a Blue Heeler or floppy like a Jack Terrier.

These dogs flaunt an almond-shaped war alert expression. They carry a low set curvey tail or the base of the tail sloping down.

Temperament & Character

The Blue Heeler Jack Russell mixed is indeed an interesting combination of their parents’ temperaments. The breeds love the outdoors and can even chase or play with small animals.

Due to their high prey drive, it is recommended that you have a fenced yard to stop them from jumping over. They may also be unfit for families with young children due to their herding instinct.

These traditional herding dogs keep cattles on the toes of sheep from dawn till dusk.

The territorial nature of these dogs makes them suspicious of strangers or outsiders. These dogs may even bark at strangers, but the probability of biting someone is very low. However, they love their families and are protective and loyal to them.

Physical activities for the kind are a must and when missed, they may start chewing and nibbling on the objects at home. Moreover, the mix is an intelligent breed since both her parents are known for their loyalty and intelligence.

These dogs can become amazing running and hiking partners because of their super high energy levels.


Even though it is easy to train this breed, as mentioned earlier, the breed is less friendly towards strangers, other pets, and sensitive people.

The temperament of the parent breeds makes the resultant breed a very alert, brave, cheerful, and independent kind to train with ease. However, their independence may come in the way, posing a bit of a challenge while training the breed.

A naturally inherited strong pack instinct makes these breeds want to follow a leader. It is definitely a helpful trait while trying to train your cattle jacks. Consistent training and meeting all the basic needs is the key to a healthier and happier pet.

Setting boundaries and Obedience training will help to keep this breed in form.

However, the mixed breed will not get to participate in conformation shows and agility competitions despite rigorous training due to their non-recognition by the Kennel clubs.


The parent dogs of the mix, Jack Russel and Blue Heeler are very easy to groom, and the same applies to the resultant dog breed.

A wire-haired cattle jack will need better grooming or may also require professional grooming. If your pet is a descendant of a smooth-coated Jack, then they will hardly shed or blow out just once a year.

Summers might make your Blue Heeler Jack Russell mixes shed some hair otherwise not much during other seasons of the year.

Trim your pet’s nails once or twice a month as required. Brush their teeth at least thrice a week to avoid dental plagues.

Blue Heeler Jack Russel Mix Price in USA

The Blue Heeler and Jack Russell mix come in high as well as cheaper prices. On average, the hybrid is available at prices ranging from 800 to 1200 dollars.

The prices are affected by various factors such as the location from where you are adopting, the breed’s physical attributes, etc. Rescue centers may charge you a lower price however, a breeder may charge you a price as he pleases.

These breeds are not bred on purpose most likely. So one may find the pups that were accidentally bred at a rescue center instead of a Kennel.

Even though both the parents are recognized breeds of the American Kennel Club the resulting offspring has not gained recognition as yet.

The mixed-breed can be a wonderful addition to your family if you are ready for an adventurous ride. However, the dogs can get a bit stubborn because of the similar genetic characteristics of the parents.

So new or first-time pet parents are not recommended for this mixed breed of the Blue Heelers and Jack Russel.