Are Beef and Venison Healthy for Cats?

Cat eating meat

Beef is meat obtained from mature cattle. Solid, velvety, thin-grained lean, and bright red color describe a healthy and quality beef steak.  It also has well-distributed fat smooth and creamy-white fat contents. On the other hand, game meat, especially from a deer, is called venison. It mimics the features of mutton and beef but with lesser … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cornstarch? Is Cornstarch Safe for Dogs Skin?

Cornstarch in glass jar

Cornstarch is a popular household item that is often used in baking. It is also a key ingredient in many dog treats. Cornstarch is a type of starch that is made using corn. It is a thickener, which means it is used to thicken liquids. It can be used in sauces, gravy, and desserts. Cornstarch … Read more

Can Goats Eat Figs? Is it Safe for Goats to Eat Figs?

Ripen Fig Fruits

Also known as syconia, figs are soft, pear-like fruits whose outer varies from purple to green, and the inner meat is mainly white or red. They are commonly grown in warm & dry climates; the East Mediterranean is the typical host for figs. Over time, fig fruits have been consumed by humans and animals, either … Read more

Can Goats Eat Sweet Potatoes? Is Sweet Potatoes Good for Goats?

Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are some sweet-tasting yam-like roots originating from the family of bindweed, Convolvulaceae. Their origin can be traced back to Central and South America. Today, sweet potatoes are cultivated globally as a staple food and a cash crop. These potatoes come in various colors: purple, pink, white, yellow, violet, and red. They are distantly … Read more